McDowell Miracle Mile

We are a growing community of culturally diverse local entrepreneurs who have a bold vision for the future of the area. Our district is bound together by a spirit of resilience, renewal and a deep respect for the 1950’s character that makes Miracle Mile McDowell truly unique.

The Beginnings

Miracle Mile on McDowell was the first shopping district outside of Downtown Phonenix and it was where locals could walk from one bustling shop to the next for all their needs. This was Phoenix’s first shopping district outside    of     downtown and is now reborn.

The Present

A multicultural area that welcomes all people that is mirrored by the international flavors and experiences of the owners: Ethiopian, Salvadorean, Mexican and Mediterranean restaurants, American cafes, coffee shops; immigrant owned shops and services.

The future

A walkable community where people find their third space to relax and meet with neighbors and visitors. Sidewalks with shade, where people can dine, drink coffee or just relax and streets that are safe with diverse transportation options.